Travel Tips


When bringing electronics, only pack what you need and try to pack an item like a laptop flat in its own case. Don't pack your camera, iPod and other electronics with your laptop. As devices are being examined through the X-ray system, items in their own case can be seen clearly.

Get a Seat That Lets You Work – Everyone has a different seat preference.  Make sure you get the type of seat that works best for you.  Whether aisle or window, you will be more productive if you are comfortable.  Make the extra effort to check-in early for your flight to get the seat you want.

If you plan to visit churches, mosques or temples as part of your business itinerary or during your free time, bring scarves, blouses that cover the upper arms and closed-toe shoes.

Make Sure You Charge Up Before You Go – If you plan on working on your laptop or iPad during the flight, make sure you have charged up.  It amazes me how many people get onto their flight only to discover they did not charge the night before.  On a recent flight, I had a co-worker tell me she had forgotten to charge her laptop.

If you travel regularly for business or even more than once a year, then you may want to invest in a suitcase that is in a unique color or has a unique look.