Size Chart

-iPad or Tablet: 5.7" - 10"
-Netbook: 7.0" - 12.1"
-13.1 - 13.3"


How to find your screen size:

1. Open your laptop screen.

2. Place the end of a measuring tape in the bottom left corner of your laptop screen. Only measure the screen itself, do not measure all the way to the corner of your laptop.

3. Pull the measuring tape tightly to the top right corner of your laptop screen.

4. This measurement will tell you the basic screen size of your laptop.



If you aren't sure you're getting an exact reading using this diagonal method, use the Pythagorean Theorem. Measure the laptop screen from top to bottom then square your reading. Then measure straight across the laptop screen and square this reading. Add these two results together, then use a calculator to find the square root of that sum. This is your basic laptop screen size.