Magenta Chill Slate - 16.1"

Magenta Chill Slate - 16.1"

style #: WCS-9



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The Chill Slate allows you to work for hours in comfort. The USB powered fan generates maximum airflow enabling your notebook's CPU, HUDD, and DVD/CD drives to be cool.

• Your notebook runs 50% cooler. 
• Optimizes your notebook performance.
• The Chill Slate keeps your lap cool.
The Chill Slate features an integral temperature control cooling fan. These features allow you to work for hours in comfort while keeping your lap cool. The Chill Slate's non-slip padded workstation has a USB powered fan that generates maximum airflow cooling your notebook's CPU, HUDD, and DVD/CD drives. A blue LED light on the connector indicates that the fan is working. Your notebook runs up to 50% cooler optimizing efficiency and eliminating sluggish performace, shut downs and uncomfortable heat build up.

Available Colors:

Technical Specs:

•Dimensions: 15.5" (W) x 10.5" (H) x 1.75" (D)
•Weight: less than 1 lb

•Fits Macbook Pros up to 17"
•Fits PC Notebooks up to 16"
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