Photo: We were certainly in good company in Greenwich, CT. Here's Francine with ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen!

Recently, our CEO Francine Farkas Sears was a featured speaker at the Greenwich CEO Roundtable. Hosted by Bank of America and Inc. Magazine, the exclusive event focused on Thriving in a Down Economy – something Francine knows a lot about!  Bill Rasmussen, ESPN’s founder and Tariq Farid, Founder & President of Edible Arrangements, joined Francine on the panel.  Inc. Magazine’s Lewis Schiff served as the event’s moderator.

Here, some of Francine’s remarks:

Business in Difficult Times: How We Did It.

Francine: Women In Business is Fabrique's effort to generate new business in an under-served area. The present business cases in the market for women have been insulting to women in business. We have launched 2 fashion business collections: WIB and Francine Collections.

Schiff: What are some of the creative efforts that Fabrique has pursued to “Thrive in a Down Economy”?

Francine: The women's business case market has consistently been under-served and Fabrique has invested in developing our online Women In Business presence, our social media presence, as well as investing in new designs to service this market.

Schiff: How does the organization test new ideas?

Francine: Fabrique has launched 2 websites the Francine Collections and Women in Business Bags, both collections feature cases that are designed for women by women. We focused on this market based on the growing numbers of women's purchasing power in the technology market. Fabrique sponsored the Women's Presidents' Organization's Annual Conference in April 2012. Women In Business Metropolitan Notebook Cases were given to all 700 WPO Annual Conference Attendees.

Schiff: What problems does Fabrique solve for its clients?

Francine: Our Women In Business/Francine Collection features beautiful computer cases that fill a modern woman's desire for fashion and function.

Schiff: How do you know when to try a new idea and when to fold up the tent on an idea?

Francine: Start by asking questions like: "How can I invent the new wheel?" or "Can we do this better or differently from others. " Or simply, "Is there a market share not being served that makes room for this business category?"

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